maandag 9 april 2018


For this love card, I used the Simple Fruits stamp set from Altenew.

I wanted to stamp some of the fruit images in a row from top to bottom. I used Lawn Fawn Inks for all the images. Here are the ink colors I used:
Apple: Wild Rose Ink, Lobster Ink, Celery Stick Ink, Freshly Cut Grass Ink
Pear: Celery Stick Ink, Freshly Cut Grass Ink, Doe Ink
Lemon: Butter Ink, Sunflower Ink
Orange: Sunflower Ink, Carrot Ink
Melon: Lobster Ink, Cranberry ink, Freshly Cut Grass Ink
Pomegranate: Lobster Ink, Cranberry Ink

For the sentiment I also used the two tone technique. I used Manatee Ink and Hippo Ink for this. <

I adhered the panel onto a Black Licorice cardbase, making the cardbase a little bigger than the panel.

I started with a completely different idea, but this is eventually the result.

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