zaterdag 23 december 2017


I made a love themed card set using the Bits & Pieces stamp set from Concord & 9th. I used one color pallette and three different designs.

I used the little leaf stamp to create the hearts. I used several Lawn Fawn Inks to make those hearts: Ballet Slippers Ink, Bubblefum Ink, Plastic Flamingo Ink, Wild Rose Ink, Peachy Keen Ink.

For each card I used a different design. I wanted to create a little more detail to some hearts, so I took the textured leaves. One with a stripe pattern and one with a dotted pattern. I used Hippo Ink for this. I alternated with the two patterns.

I stamped the same sentiment on each card, to create a bit more unity. I added the panels onto a Ballet Slippers cardbase. And done is this simple card set.

The quickest card set I ever made!

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